Visionary Of The Year

Every year, the Euphrates Institute recognizes one person doing extraordinary work at a grassroots level, striving to make the idealistic realistic and the impossible possible.

Visionaries are those whose fearless and indomitable spirit has allowed them to transform the hearts, minds and actions of those around them, and to reveal a solution where there was previously despair.

The Visionary of the Year award is a way for the Euphrates Institute to both honor and spotlight their work.


Once in a while in life you meet those people who are in a completely different category of folks. When I first met Sami Awad, I felt I was in the presence of a person so profoundly humble, yet powerful, so wise yet unassuming–one had undergone such deep personal transformation and was able to articulate it in a way that inspired and empowered others. I was so blown away by him and what he stood for, that I created an award just to acknowledge his vision and efforts–the Visionary of the Year award. I hope you read further about Sami and the other exceptional individuals we have honored.

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