Transformation in the Holy Land – Fall 2014

Transformation in the Holy Land – Fall 2014

Imagine spending two and a half weeks exploring Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, exploring the holy sites and meeting with a range of groups on the ground, from grassroots peace building groups, to U.S. Embassy officials, to community leaders in Jewish settlements and Palestinian refugee camps.

See an example of a day on the trip. Here in Tel Aviv, we met with two important peace advocates who gave us a better perspective on how Israeli peace activists are stepping up to end the conflict. Whether it is through workshops for kids, or setting a social media campaign standard, learn more about the Peace Factory and Windows – Channels for Communication.

Our unique group comprising educators, financial advisors, healers and artists, learned about the concept of “narrative”–a perspective or story that may be true, but is contradictory and deeply biased. More importantly, participants learned how to apply this framework when listening to voices on all sides, as well as heard from groups and individuals who strive to encompass all narratives and listen deeply to the “Other” as they practice peace and forgiveness.

Each participant developed an action plan to share what they learned from the experience with their home community, and is paying it forward!


“The trip reconfirmed to me that the conflict is a very complex issue and there are no black and white answers, but it was inspiring to meet so many people who are determined that there are solutions and that there is hope for the “kissing cousins”–as one speaker put it–to live in peace.” –Joy S. trip participant

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