Peace and Sustainability in the Middle East – Spring 2011

Peace and Sustainability in the Middle East – Spring 2011

Euphrates partnered with The Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL) to offer a semester college study abroad program to the Middle East Jan-March 2011 with a theme of sustainability and peace building.


Students from four schools–Tufts University, Principia College, Northland College, and University of Colorado–explored the work of various organizations in Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan and learned of inspiring peace building efforts as well as environmental sustainability initiatives, some of which involve cooperative efforts across boundaries.

The students received college credit while integrating classroom knowledge with real-life applications and visited some of the many historic and scenic areas as well as learned more about the religious, historical, political, and cultural background of the region and the conflict.


Our trip to the Middle East was life-changing to say the least, filled with a tremendous amount of growth! It was great to be able to experience the conflict firsthand and, as a Religion major, to see all of the holy sites for myself. It was also fascinating to learn so much about non-violent resistance and conflict resolution, while getting to hear from inspiring speakers who share such healing ideas. I am so very grateful for how quickly our group became a family and that we were able to go through the difficult experiences we did together. I encourage EVERYONE to go to the Middle East and see it for yourself! It has become one of my favorite parts of the world and I cannot wait to go back.  

—Heather L.

Watch an inspiring video of the students on the trip experiencing personal transformation.

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