Euphrates leads trips to the Middle East connecting visionaries and inspiring hope.

Our motto for all of our trips is to Inform, Inspire, and Transform!

Join us to understand first-hand the underlying causes of conflict and the mindset that drives them, as well as meet with the inspiring peacebuilders who are proving every day that peace is not only possible; it’s already happening.

Get a sense for what a typical day on a Euphrates trip is like:

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The trip to the Middle East was the most inspiring three months of my life. It was an adventure full of listening, learning, questioning, pondering, challenges, and triumphs. I have never been pushed to step outside of my mental comfort zone and to open my thought to new ideas as I was challenged to do on this trip. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to be with, understanding that I was surrounded by the thought leaders of tomorrow. This trip genuinely changed my life by opening my eyes to the need the world has for compassion, understanding, and unbridled love. In addition, the trip taught me how to really live life, loving my neighbors as myself.”
Eric Pagett, trip participant, 2011


I felt inspired by all of the peacemakers we met, at the openness they showed on every level—personal, interpersonal, intellectual. I will take the sense of that home with me and emulate it.”
–Judy  Christopher, trip participant, 2014


“This trip transformed me to think more deeply about how to really love, when faced with prejudice, or fear, or hate. I learned to recognize what is the base of all challenges—fear.”
–Rebecca Hoskyn,  trip participant, 2014
“In listening, linking, and learning…we immersed ourselves in this amazing land of people, cultures, and stories that all carry significance.  We put our hands in our brothers’ and we are walking towards a future of peace and understanding.”
–Sharon Carper, trip participant, 2014
All of the speakers we heard helped me to better and more fully understand the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. As each person spoke with us, I gained a deeper understanding and felt more compassion for the situations in the Middle East. Listening to each individual tell their story caused me to recognize how important it is that I pay attention to my own personal narrative as it relates to judgment, fear, and conflict…For me, each activity of the entire trip was a rich experience. Meeting the people, seeing the sights, and experiencing the transformation lessons was a deeply moving experience for me.  
–Vicki S. trip participant, 2012

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