Natasha Turak,
Publications Director

Natasha Turak is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Politics. Originally from Washington, D.C., she is currently based in London, England. It was through meeting people in countries like Jordan, Morocco, and Egypt, and living with families, both Christian and Muslim, that she realized the positive potential of intimate dialogue and the vast common desires that we all share, regardless of religion or ethnicity. She also discovered the predominantly moderate and conflict-averse populations that are widely ignored by mainstream Western media. Natasha hopes to promote the building of camaraderie and tolerance as an invaluable tool in breaking misconceptions and paving the way toward peace and greater understanding.

“Holistic approaches to learning, like cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, are the keys to promoting peace and goodwill between two seemingly opposite cultures. We’ve seen it work on the personal level—now all we have to do is make it global. That’s what Euphrates is all about, and that is the movement I want to be a part of.”

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