Kristin Lauria,
Director of Academic Programs

Kristin Lauria became inspired by the power of people to overcome differences and divisive politics growing up as a young girl in Ireland during the tail end of The Troubles. She received her Master’s degree in Coexistence and Conflict from Brandeis University.

While researching in Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, her conviction grew that real change occurs at the grassroots level, where the roots of progress toward peaceful coexistence are nurtured by “ordinary” visionaries, who refuse to be daunted or deterred by systemic dysfunction. Prior to her studies of the Middle East, Kristin spent four years working and studying in Mainland China where she learned firsthand the power of engaging in person-to-person dialogue to overcome stereotypes, fears and distrust.

Kristin is currently a Visiting Faculty member at Principia College, where she is consistently blown away by the passionate engagement of the Euphrates Fellows with critical Middle East and global issues.

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