Kyle Clark,
Media production

We all take unique paths in life, and Kyle Clark is no different. Up until this past year, his entire focus had been on a hockey career. As a student at McKendree University, he considered little else, until he realized something else was missing. That missing piece was a deep desire to do more in service to others. Then he met Nohemy Johnson, a former Euphrates Fellow and current Euphrates-Principia Chapter member and his world opened up.
He was introduced to other individuals from many different backgrounds, all seeking to make a difference in life.  Kyle was also  introduced to EI founder through Nohemy and voila!—an internship was born.  Kyle’s goals are to help further the Euphrates vision as much as possible through his media skills, and to pursue his B.A. in Mass Communication at Principia College beginning in Fall of 2015, with a minor in Political Science – International Relations.

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