Hillary Brownell,
Director of Operations

Hillary Brownell was first drawn to the Middle East through studies of North Africa and the literature that grew out of colonization and its resulting tension. Seeing the usefulness of individual points of view in understanding broad, regional norms launched an interest in exploring cultures from that ground level, grassroots perspective. Connecting with Euphrates in 2009 provided a practical outlet for that desire to build bridges across cultures, and showed her the importance of uncovering and sharing the less-told, positive stories that take place every day in the Middle East (and here at home!). Further experience teaching language and music, travel, and multiple immersion-style language programs have reinforced a conviction that we all desire to understand and be understood — and that our international relations can be rooted in this core value. Hillary has degrees in both French literature and International Relations, is a cellist, and enjoys complicated cooking and hiking in her home turf of southern Oregon.

“The opportunity for individual engagement that Euphrates provides is unique. Euphrates’ work highlights the value of modeling in our own lives the behaviors and solutions we want to see borne out on the international stage. Dispelling fear through knowledge, finding common ground instead of seeing only division, and the ability to seek out resources that highlight our common core values – these are key skills for every global citizen to practice.”  –Hillary Brownell

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