Euphrates Chapters give you the chance to take action right where you are. If you believe that peace is possible and want to activate peace in your community, we invite you to start a Euphrates Chapter in your college, school, workplace or place of worship –or even with a group of friends. Chapters are open to anyone, anywhere. Use your time, skills and resources to further the Euphrates vision of lessening terrorism, conflict, and fear in your own community.

Chapter members work to inform themselves and others about Middle East issues, share examples of solutions and hope, and transform themselves into effective global citizens.


By starting a Euphrates Chapter, you commit to engage with the Middle East in a new way. You will:

  • Learn of the work of Euphrates Visionaries
  • Explore the rich history, culture and language of the Middle East
  • Understand the roots of Middle East conflicts and become a part of the solution Obtain a balanced and discerning approach to the news
  • Connect with citizen-peacebuilders – and become one yourself!


Each Chapter commits to  taking at least one action each month to contribute to Euphrates’ mission.   These actions may be large or small:

  • Start a campaign
  • Attend an event
  • Host a discussion
  • Build bridges in your community
  • Take a Euphrates Middle East Trip!


Our Chapters need visionary citizen-peacebuilders like you to take the lead in gathering like-minded people to join in the Euphrates mission.

Join us and start a Chapter in your community. 

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