Redding, CA

The Redding Euphrates Chapter is led by Paul Gans Jr.

His purpose in starting a chapter: “I was fortunate enough to be one of 13 participants on the 2014 Euphrates Institute tour of Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank.  I returned home convinced of three things:

  • The Middle East is all-important to our understanding of history, anthropology, and the evolution of spiritual thought.
  • World Peace will never exist until problems in the Middle East are solved.
  • Americans are profoundly ignorant of Middle Eastern culture, politics, and geography, and what they do know is misinformation disseminated by the media, AIPAC, religious zealots (Zionists and fundamentalist Christians), and the military-industrial complex.

In launching a Euphrates Chapter, I hope to heighten local awareness of the Middle East’s importance to ALL OF US, to provide a source of unbiased information about the region, and to encourage people to speak to their friends, family, the media, and elected representatives on the subject.”

For more information on this chapter or to be in touch with Paul, please contact

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