We envision a world with less terrorism, conflict, and fear.

Our Story

Finding Inspiration from the Euphrates River...

Founded in 2006, the Euphrates Institute is a response to the critical national interests at stake in the Middle East, coupled with the troubling lack of public awareness about the region–especially regarding the local grassroots efforts to elevate society, reduce terrorism, and promote freedom.

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Why Euphrates? Because terrorism is still running rampant, as is our fear. Because loud voices and bombastic images dominate our news. Because citizens should engage with the world, not turn away from it.

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Why Peace in the Middle East Matters

How Change Happens Individually

1 Personal Mastery 2 Interpersonal Mastery, 3 Community Mastery, 4 Collective Mastery
Connecting Personal to Global Transformation

When we live and act in a way that releases our personal potential for good, we are bringing this mastery into our relationships with others and our interactions with our larger communities.

As we each fulfill our purpose–our political, social, and religious groups, and even nations would interact based on shared interests and the Golden Rule.

We would care for ourselves, one another, and the earth in a way that releases the unlimited potential for renewal, transformation, and healing.

How Change Happens Collectively

The Diffusion of Innovations

Studies at Stanford University tell us that when just 5% of the society accepts a new idea, it is “embedded.” When 20% adopt the idea, it is “unstoppable.” The studies also show that it normally requires 50% of the population to be “aware” of the idea in order to reach the 5% who will adopt it.

Anecdotally we’ve seen this to be true in the collective American shift behind every milestone of progress, from voting rights for women to civil rights legislation, attitudes toward the treatment of mental illness, and more. When Americans change their minds, government follows.

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